Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT Portal

Installing Windows 10 IoT

  1. Download and install Windows 10 IoT Core
  2. Install Windows 10 IoT on microSD card using "WindowsIoTImageHelper" tool
    For more information:

Setting up your Raspberry Pi

  1. Insert microSD card
  2. Connect HDMI cable before powering on. Otherwise you may not get an image on your monitor
  3. Connect a network cable to the Ethernet port. Windows 10 is configured to use DHCP out of the box
  4. Connect micro USB power adapter
  5. After boot you should see the "Device info" page
    Alternatively you can launch the "Windows IoT Core Watcher" app on your computer. This is installed with the Windows 10 IoT Core tools. For more information:
  6. Note the device IP address

Device Configuration

  1. Navigate to http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080
    Default credentials:
    Username: Administrator
    Password: p@ssw0rd
    Alternatively configure locally if you have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor or remotely using PowerShell:
  2. Configure networking
    a. USB Wi-Fi adapter: Connect to a wireless network. The profile will be saved on the device for automatic connection on subsequent reboots.
    List of supported adapters:
    b. Direct computer-to-Pi Ethernet: Configure static IP address
    Great tutorial here:

.NET Development on Windows 10 IoT

To get started with .NET development you need the following:
1. Windows 10 (maybe not?)
2. Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition is fine)
3. Universal Windows App Development Tools
4. Windows IoT Core Project Templates
For more information:

Blinky Sample Application



Windows 10 IoT Core currently only supports the Raspberry Pi 2. Previous versions of the Raspberry Pi use an incompatible processor.

Hardware Compatibility List

Need a Raspberry Pi 2?

Adafruit Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2

Need peripherals and sensors?


Microsoft Azure Resources

Open source project created by Microsoft to help you get tiny devices connected to Microsoft Azure:

Project Ideas

Looking for project ideas or inspiration? Learn what others are doing and post your own projects on Hackster. They also run periodic contests where you can win prizes.