10 Tips for Windows 10 IoT on Raspberry Pi

I help organize the Hackster IoT Meetup in Raleigh and several of our meetups have focused on Windows 10 IoT Core. Many of our members are getting their first introduction to IoT with the Rapsberry Pi 2, in part due to the great Starter Packs from Microsoft. The following are 10 tips for new comers when getting started.

1. Default password

The number one question I hear from beginners is "What is the password?". The default credentials for Windows 10 IoT Core are:
Username: Administrator
Password: p@ssw0rd

2. Connect directly to your computer using a regular Ethernet cable

No need for a crossover cable or hub/switch, just connect directly to your computer's network adapter. Your Raspberry Pi will self-assign an IP address in the 169.254.X.X range.

3. Find your Raspberry Pi

Use the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard application to find your Raspberry Pi's IP address. This works if directly connected to your computer or if connected to your local network. Your Pi will appear on the "My devices" tab. This is especially handy if you aren't using a monitor (headless).

4. Plug in HDMI before powering on

If you do have a monitor, connect the HDMI cable before powering on the Raspberry Pi. If you don't, there may not be any output to the display after the device boots.

5. Use an appropriate, quality power supply

Make sure your micro USB power supply can provide sufficient power and is of good quality. I have seen Raspbian boot and run fine but not Windows 10 IoT Core. Swapping to a higher amp power supply fixed the issue.
Learn more here

6. Make sure the micro SD card is fully seated

On the Raspberry Pi 2, you can easily unseat the micro SD card with a small bump, usually while connecting your cables. This is hopefully fixed with the new push-pull slot on the Raspberry Pi 3.

7. Is your USB WiFi adapter supported?

Not all USB WiFi adapters are supported by Windows 10 IoT. Check the Hardware Compatibility List first.

8. Windows Device Portal

After you find your Raspberry Pi's IP address or machine name (from tip #3), you can manage the device right from your web browser. Windows 10 IoT Core has a built-in administration web site that you can access at http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080. Learn more here
Windows Device Portal

9. When Debugging in Visual Studio, set the Authentication Mode to "Universal (Unencrypted Protocol)"

If you're getting debug errors, or you're prompted for a PIN, try restarting Visual Studio. Then make sure the correct Authentication Mode is set before debugging. Learn more about Remote Debugging
Visual Studio Debug Authentication Mode

10. Update your Visual Studio 2015

Ensure you have the "Universal Windows App Development Tools" installed (Tools and Windows 10 SDK). You'll also need a minimum of Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. Learn more here

I mention this as a tip because Visual Studio updates take a while to download and install, especially when everyone else at the meetup is updating at the same time.

Visual Studio UWP Tools Install